Replacement Windows: Why We Need Them This Coming Fall

Most Texans delay replacing their windows up until it becomes too obvious; signs like condensation and fogging glass to rotted sills and frames appear. Homeowners often forget their windows’ condition especially during this time of the year when the weather in Texas is relatively calm and comfortable.

However, having an old and/or damaged window is not only an eyesore. It can also affect your home’s energy efficiency and can significantly raise power consumption. Yes, even during the milder times of year. That is why if you notice your energy bills spiking up, chances are, your old windows need to be replaced. If you’re planning to do so, fall is the perfect season.

Lone-Star Roof Systems LLC, the top contractor for residential roofing in Bryan TX, also offers top-of-the-line replacement windows that provide outstanding insulation.

Aside from energy efficiency, what other benefits can you get from replacement windows during fall and winter? Here’s a few:

Added Curb Appeal – New windows can add charm to your home’s exteriors. These are available in different style and colors.

Brighter Interiors – New window designs can brighten up your home’s interiors naturally as today’s replacement windows have thinner frames and larger glass surface compared to older ones, allowing more light into your home.

UV Protection – Window glasses nowadays are innovated to offer UV protection, shielding walls, furnishings, and other valuables from harmful sunrays.

Ventilation – Texan winter is relatively mild and rarely does it ever snow. Windows with bigger openings allow you to allow fresh air into your home. Doing so increases airflow and ventilation, improving the comfort and health of your home.

Low Maintenance – New window designs are well constructed, easy to clean and durable.

If you’re windows are due for replacement this fall, you can rely on Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC. Not only do we offer various roofing services in Bryan TX, you can also rely on us to provide high-quality replacement windows that offer all the benefits listed. Give us a call to learn more about our company, products, and services.

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