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5 Most In-Demand Materials for Quality Commercial Roofing

Performance, longevity, and aesthetic appeal are some of the top considerations when choosing the right commercial roofing system. As you have your particular needs, we provide more options for your unique requirements.

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the premier source of top-notch commercial roofing in BCS, Houston, Dallas, and Austin areas. Our team is highly adept with almost all popular types of material used for commercial spaces. This will assure that we can meet your high standards no matter what kind of roof you desire.

Here are the materials we specialize in, their signature features, and distinctive benefits:

1. Thermoplastics

Our team is adept at both PVC and TPO single-ply membranes. These options require no adhesives to remain attached to your roof for a long period. They come with a reinforcement layer for improved dimensional stability and strength. The two may be slightly different, but they’re both visually stunning, incredibly lightweight, highly reflective, and extremely resistant to wear.

2. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

This rubber-based membrane has become synonymous with resilience. It has tremendous resistance to wind, hail, and fire, allowing it to withstand harsh weather. Regardless of the surface of your commercial roof, EPDM is versatile for various applications.

3. Modified Bitumen

If you expect people to walk on your roof regularly, layers of modified bitumen are advisable. The combination of hot asphalt and other modifiers, such as plastic and rubber additives, give this type of membrane the essential properties to stay durable. You won’t have to worry about heavy foot traffic, tears, and punctures.

4. Duro-Last

The prefabrication of Duro-Last roofing, lets you have a system tailored to your building’s specifications. This helps improve its long-term leak protection performance and the amount of material waste during installation.

5. Metal

The material pays for itself in the long run. It requires little upkeep and can outlive you with its extensive lifespan. Great resistance against impact, fire, and wind, along with its superior energy efficiency and recyclability make metal the hands-down green choice for commercial roofing.

Our excellence in installing these highly sought-after materials only scratch the surface of our true capabilities. Call Lone-Star Roof Systems now at (800) 994-3194, and learn more about what we bring to the table.

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