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Lone-Star Wrapped Up a Commercial Roofing Job in Rockdale TX

Lone-Star Roof Systems, the top among Dallas roofing contractors, has recently just completed a re-roofing job on a commercial building in Rockdale TX, which is between College Station and Austin. Cates Building had a portion of its roof caved in after a part of the slightly taller building’s wall next to it collapsed. Mr. Cates, the building owner called us to do the reconstruction. Luke, our estimator, inspected the damage.

We proceeded by doing a layover on the roof with insulation and Firestone TPO. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membranes are among the fastest-growing commercial roofing products, gaining broad industry recognition for their numerous performance and installation advantages.

Using this product definitely provides satisfaction to clients as it provides protection against the different elements of nature. It can also reduce the heat island effect and solar heat gain. Moreover, TPO roofing is UV-resistant, which can significantly lower heating and cooling bills.

We later found out as we began installing, that the portion left undamaged was too old for us to weld the new roof; this could compromise the structural integrity of the entire roof. In the end, we decided to do a layover of 60 Mil White Firestone TPO over the entire roof to guarantee a leak-free building for the customer.

The installation process went smoothly and in just two days, we wrapped up the whole project without any delays. Mr. Cates was pleased with the job that he sent us an email of appreciation, saying:

Hey Brandy,

Tell Luke and Josh thanks for a great job and for fast-tracking our job on their schedule.

-Mr. Cates

If you are in need of roofers in Austin TX, Houston TX, Dallas TX, College Station TX, and the surrounding areas, call us at Lone-Star Roof Systems and we’ll fix your roofing problems for you.

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