kiddo in safety gear closeupAs a part of our safety program, Lone-Star Roof Systems has an all-office meeting once per month to discuss current OSHA standards, among other things. This little guy attended one of our past meetings, and volunteered to model our commercial project safety gear. Isn’t he just too cute?

At Lone-Star, we take the safety of our employees and our customers very seriously. That is why we would like to tell you, our fans, followers, and customer, a little bit about the primary safety-standard-creating organization in our industry.

On December 29, 1970 the Occupational Safety and Health Act was signed into law by Richard Nixon. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established on April 28, 1971 as part of this act. This was during a time when workers could expect to encounter hazardous and unsafe situations in the course of their work, and were expected to cope with the dangers without comment or complaint.

As the act became more effective, employers were held accountable for dangerous work environments and were punished for allowing their workers to continue under dangerous conditions. Today, any construction site is subject to inspection by teams from OSHA and is expected to be in compliance with all OSHA standards and restrictions at all times. As a roofing company Lone-Star Roof Systems is subject to many of these standards and restrictions. We strive to maintain safe work sites for our customers and our workers to minimize the chances of injury and property damage.

Compliance Safety and Health Officers are sent to work sites at random to ensure proper standards are being maintained. Our goal as a company is to ensure our sites pass inspection, but also that our sites are safe for all involved parties.



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