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Will A Metal Roof Kill My Cell Phone Signal?

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we install all kinds of roofing materials in the Bryan/College Station, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston areas. One of our most requested roof systems, besides shingles, is a standing seam metal roof. People love the way it looks, the long-term peace of mind it offers, and the worry-free installation we offer. However, recently we have begun receiving questions about cell phone service inside buildings and homes with metal roofs. So what’s the deal?

The truth is that many people think metal roofs will interfere with their cell phone signal. We often hear things like, “My cell phone is my lifeline! I can’t afford to install a roof that will kill my service” and, “My friend told me I would have to buy an expensive signal repeater to have any signal under a new metal roof!”

While some people do have this type of equipment to deal with the loss of cell phone signal inside their home or office, the need for such equipment is not due solely to a metal roof. For most people, a metal roof will not affect their cell phone signal at all.

“Our parents installed a metal roof and we get signal just fine in their home.” – Kurt Bradicich, co-owner Lone-Star Roof Systems.

Our company has installed many metal roofs over the years and we have never had a customer tell us that it changed their cell phone service.

The problems with cell phone signals that some people experience often are due to complicating factors. If your home has metal studs and siding, if there is existing interference that would be amplified by a metal roof, or if your home is built in an area with very little signal and you choose to install a metal roof, you may find that dropped and/or missed calls become a familiar part of your day. In this case, a signal repeater may be needed to improve your indoor and outdoor signal. There are many different kinds of repeaters out there, but most cost between $200-$800 and must be installed correctly to work properly.

This is a great question to investigate for your home before installing that new metal roof, but odds are that unless you have signal problems, to begin with, your new metal roof will not cause any trouble with your cell phone signal.

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