Fireworks and Your Roof

Fireworks and Your Roof

Happy Fourth of July! Fireworks are a very common (and FUN) way to celebrate Independence Day. Despite burn bans here in the Brazos Valley, plenty of places throughout Texas were legally able to shoot off fireworks. Unfortunately, fireworks can be just as damaging as they are entertaining. If set off too close to your home, fireworks are capable of causing severe fire damage to your roof. If fire resistance is a top priority to you when searching for roof options, a metal roof is your best bet. If you don’t have a metal roof and you think some fireworks may have landed or popped near your roof, we’ll happily come out and take a look for free! We always have free estimates here at Lone-Star Roof Systems!

Roofs have a rating based on their ability to withstand fire exposure.
Class A rating is non-combustible and will withstand severe fire exposure without igniting.
Class B rating is given to roof structures that can withstand a moderate amount of fire exposure.
Class C rating is the lowest rating applied to roofing materials, and can only withstand a small amount of fire exposure, but enough to allow those inside to escape.

Metal is not combustible, therefore metal roofing is fire-rated as Class A.

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Published July 4, 2011.

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