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Roof Leak Water Testing

Water Test

Leaky roofs cause Americans grief every year. Damage ranges from stains on the ceiling, to electrical outages, to structural collapse of the roof. When a roof leak is noticed, it is best to test where the leak is originating.

Here at Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP., we locate the origin of the leak through water testing. Here is a visual example from a recent water test we did on a roof where a leak seemed to be starting 2 or 3 feet uphill from the corner of the wall.

We placed the hose at the base of the corner of the roof and slowly moved it up every 15 minutes, noting if leakage inside the house changed. After an hour and a half of testing the step flashing and the shingles, we failed to get any water inside. Since we determined the head wall wasn’t the issue here, we moved on to soaking the wall. We sprayed water in the visible cracks on the wall to simulate heavy rain. The wall test is performed for about 20 minutes. Once finished soaking the wall, we went inside to see if we could pinpoint the leak. In this case, the water test still failed to present a leak. After we finished testing the roof, we discovered the leak was actually coming from the shower and not the roof at all! If you test the wall and you do locate the leak, try sticking a nail through the ceiling and up through the roof so you can tell where the leak is located once you go back outside and up on the roof.

Watch Luke’s Water Test Guide on YouTube!

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