Know What to Look For When Roof Leaks Attack!

Any roofer with truly expansive experience will tell you that leaks are easy to spot if you’re conscientious and know what to look for. This is particularly important as it will save you a lot to deal with before any leak grows into a truly major problem. When it comes to solutions, professional roofers in Austin TX will tell you that it’s always best to go for those that are long-term as opposed to quick fixes that might only delay and not solve the problem.

Ceiling Stains

When you have a long strip of really ugly-looking brown spread across a big part of your ceiling, it’s a sign that you have an equally large leak problem. By this point, much of the area is likely to have begun rotting already. While it will never really bring on any collapse, it is really unsightly and can be very costly to repair or replace. Fortunately, a large area is never really covered all at once. So if you start noticing small splotches or stains, then it’s best to take immediate action.

Water in All the Wrong Places

Leaks that are really bad might also cause water to pool in areas around the house, not just necessarily from their source. In some homes where there are spaces between rooms, there’s a chance that water will trickle down into areas like the basement. You’ll see this as dripping from the floor and sometimes assume it’s bad plumbing. Sure, you can eliminate that as a cause. But if there’s no explanation (and there’s visible staining on your ceiling to boot), then you might have a leak that needs plugging.

The Best Solution

With over 50 years of combined professional experience, Lone-Star Roof Systems is the roofing company in Houston you can count on to be on top of things when it comes to roofing problems. We carry only the finest-quality components and materials and employ some of the best teams available. Give us a call, and we’ll help you figure out the best options to meet your needs.

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