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Why Tile Roofing Is Best for Your Home in TX

Our home state of Texas has one of the harshest environments and climates in the country. In Houston and the areas surrounding the city, for instance, summers are typically hot and humid, and thunderstorms strike often.

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These erratic weather conditions make our homes—especially our roofs—very vulnerable to wear and tear. This, in turn, causes our roofs to deteriorate faster, making our them unable to provide us with protection against the elements.

It is for this reason that Lone-Star Roof Systems, the top contractor for residential roofing in Houston and the surrounding towns, highly recommends tile roofs. So what is it about tile roofs that make them the smartest choice against this unforgiving Texan weather?

Long-Term Performance

Tile roofs are one of the most long-lasting roofing options out there, so you can count on a properly installed tile roof to serve you well for a long time. Depending on the material, a tile roof can last from 50 to 75 years, and sometimes more.

Durability & Toughness

With a harsh environment and climate such as ours, you will need a roof that can withstand the toughest conditions, and a tile roof is the best choice. Tile roofs can handle the elements well and are fireproof.

Style & Elegance

Roof tiles are simply beautiful. Tile radiates a simple elegance that can definitely boost a home’s curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency

Tile roofs naturally have thermal-resistant properties, increasing the efficiency of your home’s HVAC systems, not overworking them. This will help reduce your home’s energy bills.

Low Maintenance & Minimal Upkeep

Because it’s tough and durable, you won’t have to take care of a tile roof that much. Just get it inspected at least twice a year to ensure outstanding performance for a long time.

A tile roof can last through many decades, and this is the perfect roofing material to go against the tough Texan weather. So if you’re interested in investing in tile roofing in Houston, call us at the number at the upper right-hand corner of this page. Call now and schedule an estimate.

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