Storm Damage VS Normal Wear and Tear, Can You Spot the Difference?

1. Roof discoloration indicates storm damage such as a leak or hail damage.  TRUE or FALSE? 2. You can distinguish between hail damage and normal aging from the ground.  TRUE or FALSE? 3. If your neighbor’s roof sustained damage during the storm, yours probably did too.  TRUE or FALSE? 4. […]

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Have you seen a wet or discolored spot on your ceiling or wall lately?

You might have a leak in your roof! How to find the source of the leak –          After a storm you can find a leak on your roof you can look for moisture, raised shingles, holes, exhaust fans or other fixtures with bad flashing around the base, or even clogged […]

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Signals of a Failing Roof

It’s important to catch the signs that your roof is failing before more major issues occur. Having your roof collapse would be disastrous! Here are some clear things to keep your eye on: Leaks: If leaks are found in the attic at any time, it is most likely caused by […]

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