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Have you seen a wet or discolored spot on your ceiling or wall lately?

You might have a leak in your roof!

How to find the source of the leak

–          After a storm you can find a leak on your roof you can look for moisture, raised shingles, holes, exhaust fans or other fixtures with bad flashing around the base, or even clogged gutters if you notice that a leak is at the top of an outer wall.

–          During a storm you may need to find the leak from inside. You can go up to your attic and start looking near where you noticed the leak but closer to the peak of the roof.  This is because water will travel down the incline from the source. A flashlight will help you find the source because the moisture will reflect light.

How to prevent internal damage

–          A leak has the potential to damage a large area of wall or ceiling material as well as contents of your home that water may drip onto.

–          To prevent ceiling damage, you can drive a nail through the middle of a wet spot to make a drain for the water. By letting the water drain more rapidly you may prevent further damage to insulation, wood framing, and your ceiling. Once you have made a drain, put a large container underneath to catch any drips and avoid damage to floors or furniture.

–          One way to create a temporary patch is through the attic. Take some roof patch or another kind of putty and patch the hole. Use plenty of putty because even if the leak starts small it may worsen or wash away the putty if the rain becomes worse.

–          If the rain is not too heavy or if it stops, you can create an emergency patch by going onto the roof and sliding some sheet metal under the shingles that are directly above the leak. The object is to cover the hole, thereby diverting the water onto in-tact areas of the roof so it can drain off normally. *Remember not use this method if there is lightning, even after the rain stops! For helpful lightning safety tips, visit

Now to make long-term repairs

–          A roof leak can cause serious damage to your home so contact Lone-Star Roof Systems today to request a free repair estimate.

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