Roofing Terms: Learning the Language

As a homeowner, you want to take care of your home and make the best decisions. When working with contractors or home service professionals, just understanding the language of their trade can be a challenge. For instance, the roof of your home is an important asset that you need to maintain, but did you know that your roof is more than just its shingles?

The shingles of your roof are the layer that you see and where it is easiest to detect damage without a full inspection. Underneath the shingles is where the support structure of your roof begins. An underlayment and sheathing join your shingles to form a full barrier between the outside elements and your home. Your roof’s rafters are its main structural support.

If your shingles have been in disrepair for a long period of time or have subjected to a rough storm, your contractor may need to replace or repair portions of these under layers before installing your new roof.

Other roofing terms such as eaves, fascia, flashing, and soffit refer to different locations on your roof and the parts used to block water damage and ensure good ventilation. Your roofing professional should look at each of these components when making a decision about the work that needs to be done for your roof.

Each of these parts, in conjunction with maintaining good ventilation, are important to your roof’s ongoing durability. Talk to your roofing professional about these issues, now that you know the language.

In the infographic below, John Anderson of Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration in Loveland CO, helps you easily understand the most important aspects of your roof.

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