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Rain Dampening Your Day? We Can Help!

Have you ever been here, with a leak in your roof and no idea what to do? Read on!
Have you ever been here, with a leak in your roof and no idea what to do? Read on!

Rainy weather can be such a joy! The soothing sounds of the rain on your roof, as you cuddle up close to a roaring fire with loved ones to drowse the day away, can be quite relaxing.

Until you notice that dripping sound.

Often, people do not discover roof leaks until the roof is failing, because how can you know it will leak until you already have rain inside your home? In this blog, we would like to give you a few tips on what you should do when unwanted water is entering your home during a storm.

1. DO NOT get on your wet roof. It is unsafe to do so without the proper training and equipment. If you feel you need someone on the roof immediately, call a professional roofing company – Lone-Star Roof Systems gives free estimates and can do emergency dry-ins at a reasonable and competitive rate in the Houston, Dallas, and Bryan/College Station areas. Until the roofing contractor arrives, follow the steps below to minimize damage to your home.

2a. If you have access to the underside of your roof, examine it to determine where the leak is coming from. Stopping the water from getting into the insulation in your attic or your drywall can prevent costly damage.

2b. If you do not have access to the underside of your roof, locate the source of the water leakage. Put a small nail into the ceiling material at the source of the water. This will drain any puddling water and channel it all into a single stream.

3. Place a bucket under the leak. Check it often to determine how often it will need to be emptied/replaced.

4. When the roofing professional does arrive, show them everything you have done to prevent damage to the leak. They will be able to help more efficiently if they know you have taken action.

5. Relax! If you have called Lone-Star Roof Systems you are in good hands and your leak will be fixed with quality materials by a professional team.

The rainy season is well underway – keep these tips close to make sure you know how to handle any unexpected leaks!


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