Proper Attic Ventilation: Why It Matters

The attic is something that doesn’t immediately come to mind when it comes to getting the best performance out of your roof. On the contrary, the attic actually plays a big role in keeping your roof in its best possible condition. Before you start on your fall roofing maintenance project, though, learn why proper attic ventilation matters to your roof.

Proper Attic Ventilation: Why It Matters

Attic and Roofing

The attic beneath your roof functions as your roof’s lungs. It’s how it breathes through ventilation, keeping your roofing structure and the membrane aired out properly. Proper ventilation allows fresh cool air to enter the attic, and conversely, allows hot and moist air to escape without issue.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced attic ventilation is a necessity for both residential and commercial roofing systems. This consists of ample intake of fresh air through the eaves, soffits, or fascias, as well as ample exhaust at or near the ride of your roofing. These intakes and exhausts are vital as they regulate the temperature of the attic space, ensuring the roof structure doesn’t dry out as the season gets progressively colder.

Ventilation And Heating

Lack of proper attic ventilation on your home can be costly. Without proper ventilation, your attic essentially traps cool air within it. This causes you to spend more time artificially regulating your home’s temperature through the heater, and this can rack up energy costs throughout the colder months ahead. Lack of ventilation, in itself, is expensive, but especially during the fall and winter, when moisture threatens to damage your roof structure. As professional roofers, Lone-Star Roof Systems will help you ensure proper attic ventilation this fall season. Give us a call (855) 520-0909 for professional workmanship. We offer comprehensive and affordable roofing solutions throughout Houston and College Station, TX.


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