How To Address Commercial Roofing Leaks

Leaks are arguably the most common roof problems. Most roofing system issues can trace its roots to the “humble” leak, such as rotting roofing structure, temperature fluctuation, and moisture problems, to name a few. In a commercial setting, there are unique risks to leaving a leak unaddressed. Lone-Star Roof Systems discusses commercial roofing risks and how to address them.

Leaks And Roofing

A leak can grow in size in just a couple of days or weeks and water intrusion can do a number on your commercial property. Water leaking from the roof can degrade roof tiles, along with the walls, floors, and the ceiling. Apart from the damage to your commercial property’s structure, loose tiles can damage your inventory or equipment when they fall off their place.

Your commercial roofing will also experience something called “wet insulation”.  As its name suggests, the leaks cause your insulation to become wet and humid, turning your money-saving insulator into an unnecessary dollar sink that forces you to increase your heating and cooling. Slips also become a common occurrence, which puts you and your customers at a grave risk.

The Importance Of Regular Inspections

The best and simplest solution to commercial roof leaks is to address them before they become bigger. This means that it’s equally important to perform regular roof inspections throughout the year.

Inspect your roofing at least twice a month. This way, you know the state of your roofing for the month, and we can address any problems before they become future headaches.
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