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Pro Talk: Answering Common Roofing Questions

Your roof is one of the biggest and most important elements of your home. Since it protects your home from the sun, wind, and rain, it’s vital that you know how to keep it in great condition. Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP, answers some common roofing questions we’ve received over the years.

How Do I Know If I Need a Roof Replacement?

While a professional inspection is the only way to be sure, you probably need a new roof if you see extensive signs of damage. For instance, check if you have several leaks, many missing or torn shingles, and if you have damaged or loose flashing.

Another good indicator is age. As the trusted name in roofing in Bryan, TX, we suggest replacing your asphalt roof once it is 20 years old and above, other roofing types have longer life expectancies. Every roofing type should be thoroughly checked for health and possible repairs regularly. As a roof gets older, the chance of it developing problems increases. A replacement is more cost effective than constant repair.

What Kind of Roofing Material Should I Use?

Selecting which type of roofing material to use depends on several factors. Consider your home’s current architecture to see if the roofing material fits. Think about your priorities when it comes to energy efficiency, durability, and weather resistance, as well. Take into account your budget, as well. While some roofing materials have a high initial cost, these can last for several decades with the right maintenance. This leads to a lower total cost of ownership compared with other options.

What Are The Life Spans Of Different Roofing Materials?

New asphalt shingles have an expected service life of up to 40 years, depending on their grade. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can last for 50 years or more. Wood shingles and shakes have a similar life span to asphalt shingles, while tile and slate roofs can last for over a century. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that these are estimates. Your residential and commercial roofing in Austin, TX, can have a longer or shorter life span depending on your maintenance program and various environmental factors.

These answers should give you some idea about your roof’s performance. For more detailed explanations, give us a call. Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP, has more than 75 years of combined experience in troubleshooting problems and installing new roofs. We provide a wide range of roofing services and we know how to handle virtually any roofing concern. Contact us for more information about our products and services. You can also request a professional estimate.

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