Preventing Slips and Falls as a Roofer

Preventing Slips and Falls as a Roofer

Falls happen in the roofing business. In fact, slips and falls actually make up the majority of general industry accidents; they are the number one cause of nonfatal injury. It is important to keep the working environment clean and safe. Slips and falls can happen if there is spilt liquid on the working surface, if there is debris (like spent materials) laying around, or if there are not clear pathways due to debris, electrical cords, or equipment.

To prevent falls out in the work environment, it is best advised (and required by OSHA) to use safety equipment.  Requiring the use of safety equipment on your job sites, installing it properly, and using the equipment effectively are all necessary measures that must be taken to keep employees safe. Guard rail systems, safety nets, lanyards and harnesses, and common sense can all be considered when taking action in safe roofing practices.

Roofing safety has become a huge issue of importance over the past few months.  Fall protection standards are set for by OSHA, and now require roofers to wear a harness and lanyard at all times.  Not only does this safety measure inhibit movement, but it also impedes the efficiency of the roofing process. Safety belt lanyards shall be a minimum of 1/2-inch nylon, or equivalent, with a maximum length to provide for a fall of no greater than 6 feet. When roofers are required to be harnessed, falls and trips sometimes happen even more frequently though! It is important that lanyards and harnesses are only used for employee safeguarding; If they are being utilized for additional tasks such as load testing, this is an inappropriate usage and should be stopped immediately.

Another way to ensure maximum safety is to regulate the use of ladders. Inspect ladders regularly, searching for defects.  When climbing the ladder, always extend it at least 3 feet above the point of support. Use ladders only for their intended purposes, and never use around electrical equipment. Ladders are a great tool for the roofing business, but to prevent injury and falls, precautions must be taken.


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