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How to Check Your Roof for Any Post-Rainy Season Damage

Your roof may have survived the season seemingly unscathed, but that doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. There may be bruises or cracks on the shingle mat, which can allow water to slowly seep into your home. This kind of damage is not something you can feel immediately after the storm, but you will see them adding up.

Damage isn’t always easily apparent to the untrained eye, but you would want to check the entire roofing system right away. Consult the experts in home remodeling in College Station help you look out for signs of damage on your roofing system, such as the following:

Water Damage

Look out for any water damage or for water stains, especially on the ceiling or walls. This usually signals a leak, which means you’ll likely need repairs or in extreme cases, a roof replacement.


Check the ground for signs of storm damage. Look for missing shingles or pieces of metal fascia, as well as any metal pieces dislodged from around your chimney. Moreover, check the condition of exhaust pipes, your roof’s valleys, and the edges or angles that connect the roof to the walls.

Visible Damage

There are gaping signs of damage, like if a tree fell on your roof. If this is the case, try to stay outside your home until you get in touch with your trusted College Station roofing expert, Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC. We can help you check for any structural damage. We can also advise you if you need more than roof repairs.

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC, we are trained to locate storm damage and take quick action to minimize possible damage. We won’t stop after we have made the repairs; we’ll return after the weather calms down, to make a full assessment and necessary recommendations. In many cases, we can restore your roofing system minus the expenses associated with a total roof replacement.

Call Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC at (800) 994-3194 today for a fast and professional response to storm damage.

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