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A Not-So-Flat Roof

For those of you just joining us, our Thursday blog usually focuses on Holmes on Homes, a show that goes into homes where contracting or construction work has been done poorly and corrects the issues that the poor work has created. Mr. Holmes is a general contractor from Canada with years of experience in construction. He hates to see a contractor leave a customer with poor work and many home issues that homeowners are not qualified to fix on their own.

This week our blog featuring Holmes on Homes will be focusing on season 2’s “Roof Goof” episode. It features a poorly installed flat roof. If you have read our previous blogs about flat roofs, you know what a pain they can be when not properly installed. Many homes have a section of roof that is flat and must be treated differently than the rest of the roof. In this episode an inexperienced contractor did a poor job with the installation of the flat roof, and it begins to leak with the first rainstorm after installation. The homeowners contact the contractor, who admits that the roof was a botched job but refuses to come out and fix the shoddy work.

This is where Holmes steps in. He knows that installing a flat roof can be tricky, especially for an inexperienced roofer. Patching a poorly installed roof is generally not advisable, so he scraps the old roof (which had puddles of water with mosquitoes breeding in them) and begins anew. This allows him to correct the depressions in the roof which were pooling water and use materials better suited to this type of roof.

For those who don’t know, a flat roof cannot be covered with shingles, tiles, or slate because these materials shed water down a slope. They work great for sloped roofs, but a flat roof would allow water to flow up under shingles which would make them completely ineffective. For a flat roof a waterproof barrier must be constructed that is continuous over the entire surface of the roof. In this way, water can flow every direction on the roof without causing leaks inside the home. For a flat roof it is also important to ensure that there is proper drainage, so often a contractor will check for a slight slope towards the drain on the rooftop. If there is no slope at all water will pool just as it pools in any depressions, so a slight slope is not just desirable, but necessary.

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we have several expert installers who work with us on this type of roof. We use many different products in different situations to ensure the best-fit roof possible. We make sure that any project we do is done properly and professionally by trained crews who know exactly what they are doing. Becoming one of the best roofers in the Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Bryan/College Station, areas takes more than just a company logo – we have worked for years to ensure that we are providing the best quality roofs at competitive prices.

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