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Why Metal Roofs Are ‘Green’ Roofing Material

Metal is one of the most eco-friendly roofing materials in the industry. Its greenness is multidimensional, helping protect the environment in different ways. It’s little wonder that its market share nearly doubled between 2014 and 2016, at eight percent and fourteen percent respectively.

Here’s what makes metal roofing systems sustainable according to Lone-Star Roof Systems:

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to reflecting solar radiant heat, metal is one of the best in the business. Its ability to bounce most of the sun’s infrared energy can reduce your cooling costs by up to forty percent in summer.

Furthermore, energy-efficient metal roofing solutions have exceptional emissive properties, keeping them from retaining solar radiation and allowing them to regulate their own surface temperature. According to a report from Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, they can re-emit as much as ninety percent of absorbed heat. Apart from naturally improving indoor comfort, metal roofs reduce air temperatures to help combat the urban heat island effect.


In terms of durability, metal enjoys a reputation like that of slate and tile. It withstands wind speeds of up to 140 mph, resists impact damage due to hail, and is not likely to catch fire. It can also stay structurally sound despite the perennial freeze-thaw cycle. Its ability to last for up to 50 years practically eliminates the need for replacement and reduces the demand for manufacturing new products.


Most metal roofing systems today consist of up to ninety-five recycled content. They can be repurposed completely to become brand-new products, helping conserve precious natural resources and lessen dependence on mining. As metal roofs are not expected to end up in landfills, they won’t cause negative impact on the environment once their service life is over.

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