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Preventing Leaks on Your Roof’s Key Areas

Your roof system works hard to keep your home dry and damage-free from the elements, so make sure that it always remains in top form. This means taking proactive measures that let your system avoid even the smallest of issues, like roof leaks.

It is a minor annoyance, but even the simplest of roof leaks can worsen over time and leave your home vulnerable to extensive water damage. It doesn’t hurt to try preventing this issue from occurring in the first place. Lone-Star Roof Systems, your premier roofers in College Station, TX, shares how you can prevent leaks in your roof’s key areas.

Inspect the top of your roof

Specifically, you should check the components that protrude from its top. These include chimneys, skylights, and pipes. Make sure that the seals around these are intact. If they aren’t, you can consult Lone-Star Roof Systems for quality repair. We’ll seal or patch these vulnerable areas in your roof as necessary.

Examine your roof’s edges

You should also confirm that everything is perfect with your gutters. Make sure that they’re clean and clog-free. You can also look behind the gutter or drip edge to confirm if you have rotting wood; a sure sign that you have a leak somewhere. In areas with hanging lights or decorations, check to see if everything is in good shape. After all, leak-free roofing in College Station, TX, means lasting and reliable performance.

Check the inside of your home

Get your flashlight and check your attic for moisture and mold. Make sure that the intake ventilation is working properly and doesn’t have spider webs clogging the flow.

If you want a comprehensive look to ensure that you haven’t missed anything on your roof, turn to Lone-Star Roof Systems. With our professional inspection services, we’ll cover all the bases and make sure your system is in top form. On the off-chance that it does have leaks, we can perform quality roof repairs to extend its life span and ensure optimum performance. You can also count on us to provide the same expert workmanship to your commercial roofing in Houston, TX.

Make the most of your roof’s service life by preventing roof leaks. Call us today at (800) 994-3194 for your roof repair needs.

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