New Year, New Look: Window Replacement Suggestions

Every year, many property owners love planning for home remodeling in College Station, from urgent repairs to design improvements. Renovation projects, including window replacement, can enhance your home’s curb appeal and add value to your home.

Did you know that replacing your old, drafty windows can give you big energy savings in the long run? Our replacement windows at Lone-Star Roof Systems allow you to cut back on your monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 33%. How? In winter, they help retain the heat inside your home while keeping the cold out. The reverse can be said during summer. So our new windows not only boost your exterior’s aesthetics but also bring you great energy savings.


When it comes to window materials, you have many options to choose from. Some homeowners love to try out new materials, while others prefer sticking to those they’re used to.

Whatever your preference may be, we hope our following recommendations can help:

  • Vinyl. This is probably the most popular and affordable window replacement choice on the market. Vinyl windows are also durable and provide good energy savings. On top of these, they come in plenty of colors to choose from.
  • Wood. The great thing about wood is that it has the ability to match almost any home exterior color. It is said to have better insulation properties than metal and does not attract condensation. Among the fine wood varieties we have are cedar, cypress, fir, mahogany, pine, and redwood.
  • Aluminum. Noted for its strength and durability, aluminum also costs less. Before vinyl, aluminum was the most popular window replacement material. It is often used as an exterior shell or cladding.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass is among the strongest and most energy-efficient window materials. It is made with great accuracy, power, and cost-effectiveness. Its insulating properties are better than most other materials. Furthermore, fiberglass is carefully engineered and manufactured to withstand inclement weather conditions.

As you carry on with your remodeling plans this year, why not invest in new windows for a change? You’ll be surprised at how our window replacements here at Lone-Star Roof Systems can enhance your home’s overall look and function. We also offer various home improvement services for your College Station roofing and gutter system. If you’re ready to make a smart choice, simply give us a call at (855) 520-0909.

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