Winterizing Your Roof

Aside from hail damage, the most common reason for roof damage is neglect. For this reason, you should realize that it is important to prepare your roof for winter. Regardless of where you live, it is a necessity to winterize your roof to avoid potential damage. 

If you neglect your roof, damage WILL occur during the winter season. High winds will create friction between the roof and neighboring tree branches. Shingle damage will inevitably occur if no action is taken to cut the trees. Existing debris atop your roof and in the gutters will also be an issue. Cooler weather causes anything with moisture to freeze and weigh your roof and gutters down.  Debris that was never removed will often decay into soil. This soil will retain moisture which can freeze, and it also can lead the shingles beneath it to decay. Debris can cause the natural water flow to change as well. When we blow debris off of your roof, we are clearing the debris that has built up for an entire year or more. The less debris that is on your roof during the winter and spring, the less likely you will experience a leak, decaying shingles, or algae growth.

Buildup may occur in your gutters, so it’s imperative to clean them out.  Neglecting your gutters is an invitation for trouble. The gutters themselves can damage, and they also can force freezing water up under the shingles causing damage. Even if you have gutter covers, it’s important to realize that dirt and grit from the roof can still get into the gutters.  You have to clean covered gutters the same as if they were uncovered.

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC., we winterize roofs by blowing debris off of the roof, cleaning and blowing out the gutters, and cleaning debris out of the valleys and wall abutments.  We also will trim the tree branches so they are at least 6 ft. away from the roof. Trimming your trees is an essential task that should be done on a regular basis to prevent damage to your roof. Once we have done all of that, we will clean up our mess and inspect your roof for any future issues that we can foresee. Maintaining your roof is the best preventative measure you can take to prolong the life of you roof.  If you want to save money in the long run, Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP. recommends you prepare your roof for winter!

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