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What's in a Roof: Tile System Components

Tile roof systems are very different from shingle systems due to the properties of the material as well as the shape of tiles. Tile systems are designed to help air and water flow while minimizing wind uplift and water damming which can damage underlayment.


Tile System Components:

Deck Protection/Leak Barrier – while some roof materials only need waterproofing in valleys where water will be concentrated, tile systems need the entire deck waterproofed to prevent damage.

  • Polystick MTS is one option for tile underlayment, it is fully coated with adhesive on the back side where it is applied to the deck.
  • Wind driven rain can seep under tiles but waterproofing underlayment allows the roof to quickly shed the water and prevent damage.


Clay or Concrete Tiles

  • Clay and concrete tiles come in many profiles to accent the look of your home, they are also durable and wind-resistant when properly installed.

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Hip and Ridge Products

  • Each tile manufacturer also makes special tiles to help hip and ridges integrate with the rest of the roof. Below are some examples from Ludowici

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Ventilation/Elevated Battens

  • Battens run perpendicular to the slope of the roof and are fastened to the roof, while the tile is fastened to the battens.
  • Elevated battens allow water to flow between the underlayment and the wood battens which prevents water pooling and rotting of the battens and fasteners.
  • Elevated battens also increase the airflow which prevents damage to decking ans well as helping with heating and cooling costs.

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