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What to Know Before Choosing Roof Material

Once a roof installation is over, there is no going back. That’s why an informed decision is critical before a single nail is hammered into place. Think hard about what you need from your roof. Consider factors like design style, cost, and climate. Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC can help you make the right choice.

In line with this, we discuss what you should think about before selecting a certain roof material.

Roofing Factors

Residential roofing in Bryan, TX depends heavily on the design and style of your home. For example, concrete tiles can mimic the look of clay tiles for authentic Tuscan homes. Still, some homeowners might choose genuine clay roofing to preserve authenticity. For new homes, the weight of your roof will be considered for structural calculations.

In addition, the climate in your location is also a vital element. For instance, some roofs are better suited for the harsh Texan sun. Roof material with excellent thermal properties would work well here. Finally, roof material costs varies from one type to the next. Make sure that your selection fits your budget to avoid surprise expenses down the line. Research these factors as much as possible before you make a choice.

Roof Material Options

Afterwards, it’s time to explore your roof material options. Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC offers a range of roof materials that would fit many home styles and budgets. These include:

Asphalt shingles:

A popular roofing material with millions of homeowners, it is also the most affordable. It’s easy to install, lightweight, and requires little maintenance. Asphalt shingles from Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC come in a variety of elegant colors and styles.


Our metal roofs are some of the most energy-efficient options you’ll find. They have excellent heat regulation and are recyclable. We offer standing seam, stone-coated steel, and exposed facet options for Houston metal roofing.


Incredibly fire resistant, slate roofs can last from 75 to 200 years. Their authentic, natural look are loved by many homeowners. These are great for those who don’t have the time for maintenance tasks.

Aside from these three, we also offer wood and tile roofing systems. Nonetheless, all of these materials require expert installation for best results. Our pros at Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC are ready to help you choose the right roof material for your home. Call us today at (800) 994-3194!

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