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We Answer Your FAQs About Emergency Repair

As your trusted local roofers, Lone-Star Roof Systems is the name you can trust to provide quick and comprehensive emergency repairs. When disaster strikes, you shouldn’t let your roof suffer any more damage than necessary. We answer your frequently asked questions about emergency repair.

What Exactly Qualifies as “Emergency Repair”?

Any event where your entire roofing system is compromised qualifies for emergency roof repair. The most common instance is when inclement weather like a storm or an extremely strong wind physically damages your roof, and, as in the case of a storm, causes secondary water damage.

In cases like this, we will install an emergency tarp or temporary covering on your roofing system and wait until the bad weather passes by. When the weather is safe enough to work, we will propose a more permanent roof repair.

What Should I Do When My Roof Gets Damaged?

Keep calm and don’t panic. The damage on the roof is already there, and it’s just a matter of documenting it for your insurance claims. As experienced roofers, we recommend calling us first before your insurance provider. We can do a more in-depth assessment on your roof and properly document the damage so you are justly compensated when you file a homeowner’s insurance claim.

When Is Roof Leak Repair Necessary?

Any event where the roof is compromised and left vulnerable to water intrusion requires roof leak repair. However, this isn’t restricted to torrential rain or storms. Winds that exceed 50 mph can literally tear off the shingles on your roof and knock tree limbs that may scratch and penetrate the roof itself. A roof in disrepair is also at risk because animals like raccoons and squirrels may be tempted to chew through the rotting wood and create leaks in the process.

Lone-Star Roof Systems offers emergency repair services for residential and commercial roofing systems. Give us a call (800) 994-3194 for professional workmanship. Our roofers serve home and business owners throughout College Station and Houston, TX.

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