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Warning Signs that Roof Leaks Are Coming

Homeowners and commercial space managers that are unfamiliar with roof leaks aren’t necessarily because they have the toughest roofing systems. Rather, they’re just good at identifying problems early and dealing with them immediately.

As the trusted name in residential and commercial roofing in Houston, TX, Lone-Star Roof Systems wants to teach you how to stay ahead of leaks. Watch out for these red flags to get a sense of any impending water leakage:

Missing Shingles, Shakes, or Tiles

When the exterior layer of your roofing system has damage, expect leaks to ensue. Considering many structural issues are cosmetic problems too, they should be easy to identify without using the ladder.

Actually, you may have found fallen shingles, shakes, or tiles littering around your yard after a storm. If the ground is clear, look up. If your roof looks like a checkerboard, the blank spaces are susceptible to the elements.

But even if the surface looks alright after rough weather, it’s still advisable to call roofers in College Station, TX, for a thorough inspection. Untrained eyes generally wouldn’t catch hidden causes for concern, which would only worsen and ultimately wreak havoc with your property when unaddressed.

Gutter-Related Problems

Any flaw in your gutters and downspouts is going to lead to leaks one way or another. Clogs, cracks, splits, and sags pave the way for water seepage, dampening areas that are supposedly dry. Also, exterior paint peeling, rotting wood trim, and mildew growth near your gutters may indicate the start of the water leakage’s demolition job.

In preparation for the spring, tending your entire gutter system is paramount to control moisture and protect the rest of your property from water damage.

Damaged Flashing

The moment your roof’s flashing loses at least 1% of its weathertight seal is the beginning of the end. The tricky part is it’s hard to identify the issue from the ground. Most people are unaware of flashing-related problems until they’ve already presented themselves in the form of major leakage. As intense heat accelerates the wear and tear of your flashing, scheduling semi-annual inspections is key to being aware of its health.

Maintaining your roofing in College Station, TX, is key to winning the battle against water leakage. To get your roof inspected properly, entrust the job to a company that’s proficient at every material, like Lone-Star Roof Systems.

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