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Urban Heat Islands: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Living in the city, you might notice a spike in temperature even at nighttime. This is due to the urban heat island effect, which negatively affects homeowners in and around cities. In fact, this phenomenon typically results in increased energy usage, high cooling costs, rising air pollution levels, and heat-related health problems.

Fortunately, you can go for counter-measures that lower exposure to the adverse effects of this phenomenon. To learn more about urban heat island and its implications, turn to Lone-Star Roof Systems, one of the top roofers in Bryan, TX.

What is the urban heat island effect?

This refers to the phenomenon that occurs when the level of air and surface temperatures in cities are more elevated than in nearby rural areas. Heat islands can happen year-round, regardless if it’s day or night. Unlike rural areas, which cool off faster at night, this phenomenon is more common in cities. This is due to urban sections retaining much of the absorbed heat during the day.

What causes urban heat islands?

You may attribute the rise in temperature to cities replacing natural land cover with more buildings and pavements. Other reasons that add to urban heat islands include: displacement of trees and vegetation, leading to a drop in natural cooling effects; tall buildings and narrow streets that heat the air trapped between them; and heat emission from air conditioning units, factories, and vehicles.

What are the implications of this phenomenon?

Urban heat islands can have negative affects to health. Heat stroke, lethargy, and dehydration are just some of the risks to watch out for. They also raise the demand for cooling energy, leading to higher costs. They can also increase greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the elevated temperature can result in extensive wear and tear on your roof system. This might lead to premature failure. To make the most of your roofing in Huntsville, TX, be sure to deal with these heat islands.

What should I do?

You can go for greener roofing options to help maintain your spaces’ comfort and energy efficiency. At the same time, you can contribute to the environment.  For instance, you can choose a cool roof in your replacement project. Lone-Star Roof Systems offers a variety of roofing options that can fit the bill. These include our metal roofing, which comes with inherent reflective properties that lower heat transfer. This energy-saving feature lets you avoid the adverse effects of urban heat island in your home. You’ll experience cooler, more comfortable rooms, minus the high cooling bills.

Lone-Star Roof Systems is the premier roofing contractor in Huntsville, TX, that can help you deal with the urban heat island effect. With our metal roof and other green materials, we’ll maximize your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Call us at (855) 520-0909 or fill out our form to learn more.

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