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Upward Trend in Roofing Costs makes Warranty Upgrades a Great Investment

The vast majority of American homes are roofed with
asphalt shingles. These offer durability, custom looks, and the lowest costs out of popular roofing materials. Even though they remain a great value, the cost of manufacturing asphalt shingles has risen dramatically in the past few years and is likely to continue rising. The rising cost of roofing material means that the basic warranty which is standard from manufacturers across the industry will end up saving you very little in roof replacement costs down the road.


Rising costs:

Increasing crude oil prices and increasing demand for asphalt has consistently driven up the price of shingles for the past 5 years. Even as oil prices stabilized, increased infrastructure work in America has meant increased demand for asphalt and increased cost to manufacture any product which uses asphalt.


Basic Warranties:

Basic manufacturer warranties are offered by anyone who purchases products from the manufacturer. These warranties offer full coverage  (materials and labor to install, but not to remove) for 10 years. After 10 years the accumulated pro-rate kicks in and only materials are covered, no labor to remove or install. The prorated value for materials is found by dividing the number of months of use divided by the number of months in the “lifetime” of the roof, typically 50 years, and the remaining life of the roof is covered. After 15 years or 180 months, (180/600=.3), the prorated coverage is 70% of materials, not including labor to tear off or install or disposal fees.


Extended Warranties:

Manufacturers of roofing materials such as GAF, offer special installation courses where roofers can be certified as experts with their products. GAF offers a certification called “Master Elite” in which they implement quality control through installation courses and project inspections; only Master Elite roofers can offer the Golden Pledge warranty. Extended warranties and Golden Pledge in particular offer more comprehensive coverage such as:

  • Full coverage period is extended from 10 years to 50 years.
  • Full coverage includes costs for removal and disposal when necessary
  • Warranty is transferable for free if you sell your home
  • System requirements carry Good Housekeeping protection
Products required to meet GAF Golden Pledge standards.
GAF's Deluxe Roof System for Golden Pledge Warranties is covered by Good Housekeeping.

How you save:

With costs of roofing materials and labor rising and expected to continue rising, an extended warranty is a better investment than ever to protect homeowners from costly repairs. In addition to better coverage, the Golden Pledge warranty from a GAF Master Elite Contractor offers peace of mind by requiring high quality GAF materials be used to offer the most protection for your home.


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