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Truth About Metal Roofing: Separating Fact from Fiction

Metal is the most in-demand roofing material today. In one year, its market share jumped from 11% (2015) to 14% (2016). Despite its increasing popularity among average homeowners, one can argue that its stock would be higher if not for the myths about it.

To appreciate the value of metal roofing systems, Lone-Star Roof Systems explains what you need to know about them:

They Don’t Attract Lightning

Metal doesn’t draw electricity, but rather conducts it. In fact, it’s one of the safest roofing materials because it’s completely non-combustible. If it ever did come into contact with lightning strikes, it wouldn’t ignite into flames.

They Resist Hail Damage

Stone-coated metal roofing systems are proof against impact. Large hailstones can dent them, preventing them from breaking, splitting and cracking. Actually, they share the durability and longevity of slate and clay for just a fraction of the cost of those premium roofing materials.

They Don’t Rust

Although most metal roofs contain iron, they come with a protective finish to inhibit corrosion. Usually made from either zinc or a combination of aluminum and zinc, their metallic coating is bonded in a factory-controlled environment. Galvanized steel roofs are also paintable to achieve the desired, long-lasting color.

They Are Not Loud

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing systems are no louder than their asphalt shingle counterparts. The fact that they’re installed over a solid substrate helps abate the noise of rain. With proper attic insulation, the soundproofing quality of your metal roof should increase.

They Lend Themselves to Flat Roofs

Thanks to their large panels and tight seals, standing-seam metal products are suitable for roofs with a little pitch. With few leak points, they can shed water and keep the chance of leakage to a minimum.

Is metal roofing perfect for your home? Talk to the experts at Lone-Star Roof Systems to find out if it makes sense for your home improvement needs. Call us at (800) 994-3194 to get your project in College Station, Bryan or Huntsville, TX, started with a professional estimate.

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