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Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Color

Metal roofs are extremely versatile when it comes to roofing color choices, a welcome advantage if you’re looking for certain features like added reflectivity, or if you’re simply seeking to create a truly unique exterior color palette. When choosing your metal roofing color, keep in mind that it will be in place for at least a couple of decades, so make sure you consider the following tips before you make your choice.

Consider Cool Roofing Features

If you have ever gone out on a sunny day wearing a light-colored shirt, you may have noticed how it kept you cool and comfortable. This is because light colors reflect sunlight, including infrared rays which cause things to heat up. The same principle applies to “cool roofing”. A light-colored roof significantly reduces the amount of heat absorbed through your roof, which helps minimize the need for air conditioning and helps reduce your energy bill.

Factor in Your Permanent Exterior

If your home has a permanent exterior like brick, stone or masonry, limit your color selection to the ones that work with these exterior materials. We recommend choosing less busy roof colors to accentuate the beauty of your permanent exterior. If you can’t decide on which metal roof color to choose, our expert consultants will be happy to help.

Try Traditional Color Combinations

Using a color wheel may sound simplistic, but it is nevertheless effective in finding the right metal roofing color. Traditional complementary colors as determined by a color wheel are useful if changing your siding and/or trim color isn’t an option, or if your home has the aforementioned permanent exterior. It may sound limiting, but it actually cuts out most of the guesswork.

Consider neutral or subdued colors

It’s tempting to choose a vibrant color for homes with textured or multicolored siding. We strongly recommend against choosing such colors, as it could result in visual overload. Instead, choose a neutral or subdued color to play off the liveliness of the other exterior colors.

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