Tile or Metal: Which Roofing Option is the Better Choice?

A quick search on the Internet will reveal that metal and tile roofing are both generally the most expensive options when it comes to roofing material. What, ultimately, is the difference between the two, however? If you’re going to remodel your home and are looking to hire roofing services in Bryan, TX, Lone-Star Roof Systems recommends that you consider the following:

Metal roofs are often used to cover large areas because of their high strength to weight ratio. This means that you can have long, column free spans and lighter structures that use minimal framing material. The thickness of sheeting is measured as its BMT (base metal thickness). Steel with a higher BMT generally means the sheet can span further between supports. Soft or lower strength steels are generally thicker than hard, hi tensile steels. These are commonly used in applications where tight curving is required.

Terracotta and concrete tiles offer more resistance to wind suction in storms than lighter weight metal roofs. If damage is sustained in a storm, you only need replace the damaged tiles. A benefit of a tiled roof is that one or two cracked or broken tiles can be easily reshuffled around. The modular natural of tiles makes them a cost effective material over the long term.

One consideration to keep in mind is that both tile and metal roofs are complex to install, and cannot be done as a DIY remodeling project. Choosing either option will require that you hire a provider of commercial roofing in Brian, TX.

A comparison of other factors reveals that metal and tile both score excellently when it comes to wind resistance, fire resistance, and general longevity and durability, with tile edging out metal slightly in lifespan.

Metal roofs are better than tile when it comes to considerations of adaptability or general suitability – metal roofs can be made to conform to any shape of roof – as well as have resistance to snow, ice, hail, and growth of moss. Metal is also far more walkable than tile – tile tends to break when walked on. Metal also requires less general maintenance and upkeep than tile.

(Article Excerpt from Tiles Versus Metal Roofing, Lansell Homes, September 2012)

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