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The Truth behind the Myths about Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have been around for quite a long time now. Unfortunately, many people still believe baseless claims about this type of roofing. Let us reveal the TRUTH behind some of these myths so you can confidently decide which material is best for you!

It Attracts Lightning

Some believe that when storms hit, the first thing lightning bolts would strike are metal roofs. This is a MYTH! Metal is a good conductor of electricity, but lightning operates in a different manner. Lightning bolts tend to strike the first thing it can find, particularly the highest object within the vicinity. This is the reason power poles, antennas, and towers get hit often; your metal roof is not prone to this situation.

It Amplifies the Sound of Rain

Raindrops do make quite a louder sound when hitting a metal surface, but this should not be the case for your roof. You see, the metal panels on the roof are only the topmost part of it. When it comes to metal roofing, there are things underneath this top layer. The insulation, the attic space, and the existing roof all muffle the sound effectively.

It Develops Rust

Basic science tells us that once metal oxidizes, it develops rust. This is true, but it is not true to say that metal roofs easily develop rust. Manufacturers add a special coating to metal roofs so that make them rust-resistant. The coating, often a mix of aluminum and zinc, ensure that the roof enjoys a long service life.

We know that getting a new roof can be intimidating! Don’t be fooled by unproven myths; Lone-Star Roof Systems can help you with your metal roofing project. We have the products and expertise to ensure a successful home improvement project.

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