How to Avoid Leaks, Ensure Proper Installation

Many homes are susceptible to leaks at penetrations such as chimneys or vents where there is a hole through the roof. Leaks can be avoided with correct installation or repair practices. Here are some things you need to know to make sure your roof will have what it needs to […]

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10 Popular Roof Leak Locations

10 Popular Roof Leak Locations Roof leaks always tend to show up when you are least prepared for them. Next time your roof is dripping, you’ll be familiar with 10 common spots to check when searching for the source. 1. Shingles: Leaks will often times originate from the shingle itself. […]

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Roof Leak Water Testing

Water Test Leaky roofs cause Americans grief every year. Damage ranges from stains on the ceiling, to electrical outages, to structural collapse of the roof. When a roof leak is noticed, it is best to test where the leak is originating. Here at Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP., we locate the […]

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