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How to Start Hanging Christmas Decors… Safely

Christmas is just around the corner and the best way to start merry-making is by hanging decorations for all to enjoy over the holidays. Sparkling colored lights outlining your roofline and shiny bells and stars hanging on your roof deck express that you’re ready for this season of gift-giving.

Make sure you hang your decorations safely though! To help you, we at Lone-Star Roof Systems, your trusted roofing company in Houston, listed some safety procedures that you can follow:

Step 1: Map Out and Test

Plan your design and placement of lights and other decorations. Measure your roof line, eaves, and deck including the distance to your power outlet to help you determine how many strands of Christmas lights you will need. Make sure to test the lights before you hang them to avoid problems when they’re already in place.

Step 2: Pick the Right Materials

To attach lights along your eaves, gutters, shingles, and roof deck, use plastic clips specially made for hanging. They grip easily as they have a lower hook and can even hold a light strand and an extension cord. It is not advisable to use nails and staples to hang light strings as they can pierce the protective coating which can lead to electrical hazards.

When hanging your non-electrical decor on your roof deck, choose an all-purpose light clip supported by strong double adhesive tape over nails and screws. Remember, your objective is to hang your decor safely without marring your home’s exterior surface.

Step 3: Choose the Right Ladder

Roofers in Austin TX suggest you use a stepladder when your home’s eaves are low. Otherwise, opt for an extension ladder and make sure that it firmly stands on flat ground and is held for support by someone. Place it against your eaves at an angle that is safe and comfortable to climb. Avoid putting your weight on your gutters.

Take note of these few reminders and keep them out of harm’s way so you can spend this time of joy with your loved ones in your beautifully decorated home. For roof inspections, call Lone-Star Roof Systems today!

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