Residential Roof Maintenance

Aside from hail damage, the most common reason for roof damage is neglect. Simply for this reason, you should realize that it is important to maintain your roof with a residential roof maintenance program. Without roof maintenance, your roof's integrity can change in a matter of months.

“Maintaining your roof is the best preventative measure you can take to prolong the life of your roof.”

Whatever material your roof may be, maintenance is important. Have a roofer come out once a year for an inspection and debris removal. If you have a metal roof, the surface should be cleaned with a solution designed for metal roofs. Rinsing off your roof, of any type, is also advised to prevent dirt and grime from decaying. Check to see if your weathervane and lighting protection system are in place and adequately prepared for extreme weather. After every storm, it is advised to investigate your roof for damage. Lone-Star Roof Systems advises residential roof maintenance in preparation of your roof for winter. Winterizing your roof includes removing debris from the roof and the gutters, trimming tree branches so they are away from the roof, and checking for damaged shingles which can lead to leaks. Identifying damage immediately can minimize costly outcomes in the future. Simple preservation methods such as these, will prolong the life of your roof, so it can protect your home longer.

Our Maintenance Contract

Lone-Star Roof Systems adheres strictly to a very tight code of quality, service, and professionalism. When installing your roof, we strive to put on a product that will remain in a good condition for years to come. In order for this to happen though, it's necessary to maintain your roof.

Luckily, Lone-Star Roof Systems offers a residential roof maintenance program. We can provide you with a maintenance package when we install your roof, or you can simply purchase one by itself (whether we installed your roof, or not). We design maintenance packages specific for your needs. If you don't care to commit to maintaining your roof for an extended period of time, one-time services are also available. Our packages vary by price and frequency, depending on what type of care you want to put into your roof.

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