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Affordable Residential and Commercial Roofing in Dallas

With more than five decades of combined experience, our team at Lone-Star Roof Systems has the experience you can trust when you are in need of roof repair, replacement or installation. We have been working on residential and commercial roofing in Dallas for nearly 10 years to provide customers with honest, high-quality work at an affordable price. Thanks to our comprehensive roofing solutions, we can help you no matter what your project is.

The Best for Your Business

The roof over your business is often an afterthought unless something goes wrong, and then it becomes a major headache with the potential to eat up your budget. Commercial buildings have unique needs because of their structure and design, which can further complicate a situation. We specialize in quickly troubleshooting issues and preventing damage through:

  • Repairing or replacing roofs
  • Suggesting cost-saving alternatives
  • Installing build-up hot mop roofs, torch down roofs and thermal plastic olefin options

Our roofing contractors in Bryan TX and Dallas can make suggestions at how to protect your bottom line with a quality roof replacement or repair.

Protecting Your Home

We have a wide range of residential services to ensure your home, your family and your belongings are safe. What’s more, a good roof can keep your home comfortable as well as lower your utility bills. We are happy to discuss your roofing options, from affordable shingles solutions to high-end tile roofs to going green with specialty options.

Should You Choose Tile or Metal Roofing?

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we don’t expect our customers to know everything about roofing materials. Whether you want tile or metal roofing in Dallas, our experts can discuss the benefits of each, such as:

  • Metal roofs are eco-friendly, as they are recyclable and can reduce your energy costs
  • Tile roofs look great and are extremely durable, requiring little repair and maintenance
  • Shingles come with excellent warranties

Contact Us Today

We can help you determine the right roofing option for your Dallas home or business. To get started today, call our team at Lone-Star Roofing Systems at (800) 317-1939 to get your professional quote. Tell the representative that you found us online and get $100 off your quote.

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