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Professional Commercial Roofing in Austin

Lone-Star Roof Systems is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving our community for nearly a decade. We specialize in guiding customers through choices for residential and commercial roofing in Austin, from selecting the right material for a new roof or making repairs after a storm. Our team is insured, bonded and trained to tackle any roofing project you may have.

Protect Your Home or Business

Having a good roof over your head can give you peace of mind. Our team offers a variety of both commercial and residential services, including:

  • Repairing minor issues such as loose shingles to fixing big problems like trees on homes
  • Providing sustainable roofing solutions and eco-friendly options
  • Installing new roofs that will lower utility bills and keep your home or business comfortable

As an industry leader that provides roofing in College Station and Austin, Lone-Star Roof Systems is GAF-certified and we work with only high-quality products. That means the work we do is built to last.

Your Metal Roofing Solutions

More and more of our customers are opting for metal roofing in Austin, and it’s easy to see why. Metal roofs are extremely durable and recyclable, which make them an eco-friendly option. We have several options to choose from, including:

  • Standing seam: Reflect heat to minimize your home’s absorption and can withstand weather better than most alternatives
  • Stone coated steel: Can last more than 50 years as it is freeze/thaw resistant
  • Exposed facet: These large metal sheets offer the same benefits of standing seam options and often used in industrial applications

Why Choose Tile?

For individuals looking for extremely durable roofs with the ability to reduce the amount of energy a home or business consumes, tile roofing is a great option. This premium product requires a larger upfront cost than other options, but its durability means lower maintenance and repair costs as time goes on. In fact, when factoring your options over the life of a roof, tile ends up being more affordable than traditional shingles.

Call Us for Your Next Project or Repair

We can help you decide which material is right for you or make repairs in a timely fashion to prevent further damage to your home or business. To get a professional quote today, call our team at Lone-Star Roof Systems at (800) 317-1939. Mention you found us on our website and get $100 off your quote.

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