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PVC And TPO: The Best Commercial Roofing Solution

Commercial properties do not share the same roofing choices as their residential counterparts. Flat and low-pitched roofing is usually the roof design of choice, and while it requires less maintenance, it’s more susceptible to water damage.

This is why PVC and TPO single-ply membrane is the best solution for commercial roofing. Lone-Star Roof Systems discusses more.

PVC Single-Ply Membrane

PVC membranes are a single layer of thermoplastic material with an impressive minimum breaking point of 300 pounds per inch. Because they are heat-welded, they form a watertight bond that completely protects flat roofing from water intrusion.

This roofing material boasts different color options, but lighter shades are often the better choice. Lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it, cooling your property while giving the roof membrane better UV light resistance.

TPO Roofing

TPO roofing membrane is made from ethylene propylene rubber, a fairly new material. Despite being cheaper than PVC, it actually surpasses the latter in terms of energy efficiency while still offering respectable physical and elemental resistance. The innate flexibility of the material also makes it highly resistant to tears, punctures, and impact damage, making it a relatively low-maintenance system.

Single-Ply Membrane

The qualities of both PVC and TPO make them the standard choice for commercial properties. The durability and strength of these materials are so attractive to customers that even homeowners with more contemporary homes are installing these single-ply membranes.

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, you can count on us to professionally install your new commercial roofing system. Give us a call (800) 994-3194 for more information on our services. We offer complete roofing services throughout Bryan, Dallas, and Austin, TX.

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