Preview Your House’s New Look With Shingle Visualizer Apps

If you’ve been considering doing some remodeling on your home, but have generally found yourself balking when it came down to selecting the materials to use for the remodeling, then GAF’s new Virtual Home Remodeler app might just be what you need to help you with these all-important decisions. In association with GAF Master Elite™ and Certified™ Contractors like College Station roofing specialists Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC, GAF’s new app allows homeowners who are contemplating remodeling their roofs to get a sneak preview of how their houses might look after the work is done:

Until now, the ability to allow a homeowner to preview different shingle styles and colors on an actual image of their home has been constrained by a contractor’s ability to “map” the homeowner’s roof using complicated, time-consuming software. Using innovative technology, GAF has developed an app that allows a contractor to take a photo of their prospect’s house, and then quickly and accurately map the roof with just a tap of the screen. The homeowner can then select and apply any GAF Shingle with a single touch. This app will help GAF contractors demonstrate the beauty of GAF Shingles and eliminate one of the biggest impediments to closing the sale: answering the question, “How will it look on my house?”

Though the app was originally only available, via download through iTunes, to iPad tablet users, GAF has recently released a version of the Virtual Home Remodeler for use with Android tablets.

Not to be outdone, Atlas Roof Shingles have launched their own visualizer app, the Atlas Shingle Visualizer. Though this app is currently available only for iOS, it features the industry’s very first Algae Aging Simulator, allowing homeowners to preview the difference in looks caused by roof algae on Atlas’ Scotchgard™ protected shingles, versus that of other leading brands.

Once your home’s data is uploaded to a tablet, you can log into either company’s website to preview the changes different tile selections will have on your home. Picking and choosing the right look to do some home remodeling on your College Station home has never been easier!

(Article excerpt from GAF Creates First Ever Virtual Home Remodeler App With “Instantaneous” Roof Mapping Feature,

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