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Preventive Maintenance for Lasting Roof Performance

For commercial building owners, having an excellent roofing system ensures the protection of their assets and facilities. As many owners fail to realize the importance of preventive maintenance, damage to the building interior and equipment due to water leaks becomes imminent.

Experts believe that it is wiser to prevent roofing damage than treat it. With a maintenance program that includes regular inspection and small repairs, you can reach the maximum service life of your commercial roofing in Dallas, TX. This will result in reduced frequency of replacement and savings on capital expenditure.

Roof Replacement

An old and dysfunctional roofing system requires heavy, costly repairs; in this case, it might be better to start with a complete tear-off or reroof. When you switch to new roofing in Bryan, TX, you can choose advanced materials, better features, and more warranty coverage. Once it’s set, ask your trusted roofing contractor for available maintenance programs. GAF®, for instance, offers building owners a warranty extension for scheduled maintenance.

Roof Coatings

When it comes to your commercial roofing in Austin, TX, you may come across roof coatings. They are sustainable options installed over the system to extend its life. They repair the wear and tear the roof sustained and prevent leaks and seal cracks. Our team is highly adept at using the products of leading coating developers, some of which can increase your business’s energy efficiency by up to 67%.

Roof Management

Poor roof management leads to premature failure. For an effective roofing maintenance strategy, track all collateral building damage and incidental costs associated with weak-performing roofs. Often, you can save more on prevention than damage control.

Here are some items you can add:

  • • Energy loss through weak insulation
  • • Premature roof replacement
  • • Legal claims from Slip and Fall accidents
  • • Issues of air quality
  • • Damage to inventory and equipment
  • • Damage to furniture and fixtures

Analyzing these expenses will encourage you to take informed action. Lone-Star Roof Systems can help you with your maintenance program. We examine and repair commercial roofs and install coatings or complete replacements from top manufacturers.

We are your one-stop source for all your roofing needs. If you want to know more about how to reach your roof’s maximum performance and service life, call us at (800) 994-3194.

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