Meet Our Team: Josh Henson, Commercial Estimator/Salesman

Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC has been doing a great job because of the staff and crew who extend their effort to deliver quality services. To get to know more about our team, we have decided to create a short profile of each or our team members, and we will be posting them once or once every month.

Let’s start off with our commercial estimator and salesman, Josh Henson:

Josh Henson

Josh has been in the roofing business for a little over 13 years and started right out of high school. He is into sports, with football and basketball being two of his favorite. The Texas A & M Aggies, University of Kentucky, and Dallas Cowboys are his favorite teams. His other interests include going to NASCAR events and fishing. And a little fun fact about Josh, he is terrified of roller coasters.

With his more than two decades of being in the roofing business, Josh has experienced just about anything there is when it comes to roofing in the state of Texas – from Houston metal roofing installations to Dallas asphalt shingle repairs. One of the craziest things he encountered was a few years back when he was called out by a local management company to look at a flat roof on one of their rentals. The first thing he noticed was water standing on the roof. After a quick examination done, he found out that the tenants had plugged the drains on the flat roof and filled it will water to enjoy a pool party.

Good thing it was a Duro-Last roof, which is a type of material originally created for swimming pools. For two days, the water remained on the roof yet still was holding, providing protection against leaks. Once they unplugged the drains, the roof had no problems.

We at Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC understand roofing like nobody else in the area. Our more than 50 years of combined experiences in commercial and residential roofing in Houston had made us the go-to contractor for most residents. Thanks to our hard-working team of professional roofers, we are the #1 roofer in the Austin, Bryan, College Station, Dallas, and Houston areas.

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