Longhorn Takes a Lesson from Your Local Aggie Roofer

While Lone-Star Roof Systems’ crew was installing a new Standing Seam metal roof in Brenham, a longhorn walked up in a neighboring field to admire the work.  Mr. Sickles, the homeowner, was out observing the installation of his new roof and snapped this photo for us.

To see what the longhorn was watching, view the gallery below. This is a standing seam metal roof with 16 inch MS150 panels. The color is Regal White which is a standard color from Sheffield Metals International. This material is both durable and energy efficient. The white color reflects more sunlight than dark metal or most shingle roofs which helps reduce radiant heat transfer from sunlight to reduce cooling costs. All metal roofs installed by Lone-Star Roof Systems are laboratory tested for hail resistance and meet UL 2218 impact resistance standards for class 3 or 4. We also install our metal roofs for wind resistance, in most cases up to 130 mph. For more information on different roofing systems and metal options, send us an email here.


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