Lone-Star Roof Systems has a new mission statement!

mission-statementWe at Lone-Star are excited, elated, and pleased to announce that after much collaboration and extensive discussion, we have updated our mission statement! This is our company’s statement of what we are, and what we are striving to do for you, our customers, every single day!

Our new mission statement is here:

Lone-Star Roof Systems installs all types of roofing systems with a strict adherence to quality, honesty, service and professionalism. We strive to provide home-owners, contractors and builders with PEACE OF MIND knowing their project will exceed manufactures specifications and be completed in a timely matter.

This is our new mantra, and we are so excited about refreshing our company with new ideas and goals of what we want to become. As you can see, we are asking a lot of ourselves! We want to be the best roofing contractors in every way we can for you guys, because you make us what we are: a successful roofing company.

As part of our campaign to improve our company mission statement so that it reflects our company more accurately, we are thinking about striving as individuals to help the company as a whole keep up to this high standard. We even posted it on our website here.

Does your company have a mission statement that you are excited about? Does it need an update? Do you have a personal mission statement? Tell us about it in the comments below, or in our social media!

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