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Kurt Bradicich: Lone-Star Roof Systems’ Well-Rounded Roofer

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we believe that to develop good relationships with our customers, they should know a thing or two about the people behind the company. To start building meaningful relationships with homeowners, we’d like to introduce Kurt Bradicich, co-owner and a team member of Lone-Star Roof Systems, your trusted local roofing company in Houston.

Kurt Bradicich (Left) and Luke Bradicich (Right)

Work with Lone-Star Roof Systems

Bradicich joined Lone-Star Roof Systems in 2006. During that time, Luke, his brother, and co-owner of the company, wanted to expand their services to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As Bradicich lived in the area, he was able to start and manage the office easily.

Bradicich plays several roles in Lone-Star Roof Systems, primarily handling the inventory and orders for the company as well as overseeing job management. Furthermore, Bradicich is involved in managing the commercial and residential sales of flat and slope roofs.

Life Outside the Roofing Business

Bradicich graduated from Texas A&M University in 1993. Before getting into the roofing industry, he was a teacher and coach for 12 years, where he was active in basketball, cross-country, football, and girls’ and boys’ track.

When he’s not busy helping homeowners maintain their roofs, he spends his time with Sheila, his wonderful wife, and their five kids in their home in College Station. He loves to watch all types of sports and enjoys fishing and hunting with his friends.

Advice for Homeowners

Apart from his duties in the office, Bradicich also performs roofing inspections. On one of his recent projects, he noticed that some homeowners were using DIY skylights. These skylights were made of plexiglass attached to the roof with a drip edge around them. The homeowners also placed shingles on top to complete the skylights. Know that while this installation may save you money initially, Bradicich and the rest of our experienced roofers in Austin TX and Dallas don’t recommend this type of DIY home improvement project.

Bradicich shared that the homeowners both had leaky roofs because of their homemade skylights. To avoid problems, he advises property owners to hire professionals to install these skylights. Through the services of experienced contractors, you can prevent interior damages, which may lead to costly repairs and replacements.

Contact us to get to know Kurt Bradicich more and also learn about our services. You can also fill out our online contact form to receive a project estimate.

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