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Is Foam Roofing Right for Your Commercial Property?

Many commercial buildings in Texas and across the country have flat roofing as it is low-cost and offers more usable space. Spray polyurethane foam-based (SPF) roofing and Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing are some of the common choices used for flat roofs. If your establishment needs a roof replacement, think about getting TPO roofing rather than SPF.

Some commercial property owners prefer SPF roofing for its perceived advantages. It is lightweight and easy to apply and repair. SPF roofing also has good insulating capabilities. This type of roofing membrane, however, comes with some disadvantages. As foam is organic, it is flammable. Furthermore, it is susceptible to weather degradation and damage from UV radiation. Foam roofing also has low tensile and compressive strength, making it prone to damage from foot traffic and hail.

Just recently, we inspected a commercial establishment with a foam roof that was in terrible condition. Here are some photos we took:

A foam roof may be a bad idea for your commercial building, especially if you don’t inspect your roof often. An undetected issue, such as a simple puncture or hole, may cause many problems. Water may get through the hole and into the foam, deteriorating the roof from the inside out.

To avoid costly replacements, think about getting a more durable roofing membrane, such as Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). Unlike other types of membranes, TPO can be used on various types of roofs. Furthermore, it offers many benefits that you can get from a PVC roofing membrane but at a lower price. Unlike foam roofing, TPO roofs come with UV stabilizers and cool roof pigments. These features help it withstand constant exposure to harmful UV rays. In addition, TPO roofing has hot air welded seams, which ensures that your roof is leak-free.

Another alternative to the SPF roof is a prefabricated Duro-Last roofing system. Unlike other roofing systems, you can install this prefabricated roof any time of the year – even during extreme weather conditions. As Duro-Last prefabrication removes about 85% of membrane seaming on site, it decreases the chance of installation errors, which may lead to leak issues in the future. This single-ply roof membrane meets major wind and fire code requirements. Like TPO, it has UV absorbents, which help it tolerate exposure to UV rays.

Minimize business downtime and avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements by getting a durable and reliable commercial roofing system. Contact reliable roofers in Austin TX or the neighboring areas to make sure the job is done right.

Based in Bryan-College Station with more than 50 years of combined experience, we stand out among Houston, Austin, and Dallas roofing contractors because we understand the needs of commercial property owners. We at Lone-Star Roof Systems offer a range of services for commercial roofing including built-ups, Duro-last, TPO, and other commercial and residential roofing types.

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