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Implementing a Good Roof Maintenance Program in Four Ways

Your building deserves a roof that can provide it with superior weather protection and performance. That’s why you need to make sure that your commercial roofing in Dallas, TX, is always in top form. You can do this through regular maintenance. This way, you can prevent small issues from worsening, while stopping new ones from forming.

Roof maintenance, however, requires attention to detail. Lone-Star Roof Systems, your premier roofing contractor, shares four ways you can implement your roof maintenance program more effectively.

1. Start with your building’s interior

Before climbing to your rooftop, check your interior for any sign of water damage. Inspect the walls and ceiling for stains or streaks, which indicate a roof leak somewhere in your system.

2. Conduct a visual inspection of your roof

Look for obvious signs of damage, including deformations in the structure, debris, and dirt, standing water. Extensive wear and tear should prompt immediate repair work from the expert in roofing in Bryan, TX, Lone-Star Roof Systems. Our maintenance crew will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your system’s condition and recommend the necessary solutions.

3. Take a closer look at your roof’s essential components

These should include cap flashings, edge metal, base flashings, and roof adhesives or surface coatings. Cap flashings, for instance, shouldn’t have loose fasteners, missing joint covers, displaced metal sections, and signs of corrosion. You should also check if your base flashings’ sealants are displaying signs of aging or cracking. Additionally, examine the edge metal for splits in the stripping at metal flashing joints.

4. Examine the field of the roof

There shouldn’t be fasteners protruding against the membrane to cause a “tenting” effect. Look for worn spots, holes, and deteriorating areas. In addition, the insulation panels should remain firmly in their original position.

When it comes to maintaining your commercial roofing in Austin, TX, it’s better to call an expert for the job. Lone-Star Roof Systems offers an extensive range of scheduled roof maintenance programs. They can help you lengthen the service life of your commercial roof at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our professional crew has deep experience in the repair and maintenance of all commercial roof types. These include single-ply, modified, built-up, and metal systems.

Turn to us for your commercial roofing needs.

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