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How to Avoid Premature Modified Bitumen Roof Failure

Modified bitumen is one of the most sought-after flat-roof solutions. It shares the durability and ease of installation of built-up and single-ply roofing systems, respectively. While it may seem perfect on paper, it’s not completely immune to damage. Poor maintenance can affect its long-term performance and longevity.

At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we’ve built a solid, local reputation for maintaining modified bitumen roofing systems. With our unmatched expertise and proven integrity, we can prevent these common problems:

Seam Failures

Modified bitumen membranes are about 30 to 35 inches wide. Each section is adhered to the next by several inches to minimize the chance of leakage. However, changes in temperature can cause the material to expand and contract. Imperfect installation and stress can also create voids in lapped areas.

Fortunately, we can head off major leaks if we catch the problems early. We fix minor seam defects by reheating the sections or with adhesives, bringing your commercial roofing system back in shape with little disruption.


Blistering is a sign of moisture penetration through the membranes. The key to correcting the issue is to locate the source of moisture. Unfortunately, there’s no saving affected sections anymore. We can replace them quickly and address the root cause of the problem to prevent recurring blisters.


Tree branches, dropped tools and foot traffic are the usual suspects behind punctures. In addition, mechanical equipment vibrations can damage your modified bitumen commercial roofing system due to the friction of the machine on the membranes. We can patch the holes immediately to prevent premature sheet replacement.

Maximize the service life of your modified bitumen roofing system. Lone-Star Roof Systems can help you develop a scheduled maintenance plan to uncover red flags before they begin and stay ahead of leakage. To give your commercial roof in Bryan, Dallas, or Austin TX, the regular TLC it needs, call us at (800) 994-3194 today.

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