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How Pigments Make Metal Roofing Energy-Efficient

Covering a wide surface area directly exposed to the sun, your roof plays a big role in heat absorption. Depending on the type of roofing, this heat is reflected out or absorbed in varying degrees, resulting in greater energy efficiency. Metal roofing remains one of the most energy-efficient options you can get due to pigments. Lone-Star Roof Systems looks at how that works.

What Conventional and Cool Setups Mean

All metal roofing in College Station features coating colored with pigments. In conventional setups, the pigments tend to absorb infrared radiation. This raises your indoor temperatures significantly and forces you to rely on your air conditioning more. With “cool” pigment technology like what we have at Lone-Star Roof Systems, that effect is reversed, as it reflects the heat from the sun away. This lowers the roof surface and indoor temperatures.

How Cool Pigments Work

Pigments express coloration by absorbing and reflecting portions of the sun’s spectrum based on their chemistry. This selective absorption of visible light allows our eyes to perceive a specific color. The problem is, 10% of the sun’s energy is in UV light, which primarily causes heat build up in roofs. A specific pigment used on metal roofs known as Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs), reflect infrared light away from your home. Moreover, they absorb the right amount of light to produce beautiful colors.

How Pigments Benefit You

When you get a metal from Lone-Star Roof Systems, you’ll enjoy many benefits. First, your home will maintain constant, comfortable temperatures all year round. Second, you’ll rely less on air conditioning and heating. This shaves off a good amount of money from your monthly electrical bills. Investing in metal roofing in Bryan, TX, pays itself back over time.

Our metal roofing options come in a range of great colors. In addition, these are customizable to your personal tastes. We also made sure to carry only the most durable, reliable brands and options so they will last longer. Call Lone-Star Roof Systems today at (800) 994-3194. We will even throw in $100 off your roof replacement estimate if you mention you found us online.

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