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Holmes on Homes: Window Pain


Today I would like to begin a short series of blogs related to Holmes on Homes, a show on HGTV.


Holmes on Homes is a show that goes into homes where contracting or construction work has been done poorly and corrects the issues that the poor work has created. Holmes is a general contractor with years of experience in construction. He hates to see a contractor leave a customer with poor work and many home issues that they are not qualified to fix on their own.


Window Pain” is the episode that this blog centers on. Holmes encounters a home that has experienced many contractors’ work to fix their leaky windows, all “to no avail.” This is a common theme in the show, since many contractors have very specialized knowledge in their area of expertise but know little of the other areas of work that may need to be done in the home. For instance, a leaky window may be caused by a faulty window, a poorly installed window pane, leaky caulking, a leak in the siding around the window, or even a leak in the roof that appears around the window! That’s a lot of places for one contractor to check, and many will not have the knowledge to properly check all of these aspects of the window.


In the case of this home, Holmes chose to remove and replace all three windows, redo the window casings, and replace the gutters above the windows. That may seem like a lot of work, but for this kind of persistent problem it is necessary and totally worth it!


How can you tell when a window is leaking? The easiest way to check for a leak is to check for moisture either in the wall or the floor around the window. You may also notice water spots on the inside of the window glass or streaks caused by water running down the inside of the window. Often paint will bubble up over time if there is much water exposure, and fabrics will give off a slight musty or moldy smell. You may also notice an unusual buildup of dirt on the windowsill if the window is not completely sealed, particularly if there has been little rain in past months.


But why, you may ask, are we focusing on windows for this blog? Well, Lone-Star Roof Systems is “Texas’ premier roofer” and we have been one of the best roofers in the Houston, Dallas, and Bryan/College Station areas for years. But did you know we also do windows?


We offer a program called Lone-Star Green Solutions, offering many types of green products for the home including windows! Most of our window installations are for people who choose to upgrade to green windows, but what better time is there to make that choice than when windows need to be replaced anyway? We use Mastic windows to give your home the green upgrade it deserves. Lone-Star offers quality work and service, as always, with all of our products and services. Give us a call today for a free estimate on your new green windows!




If you would like more information on these and our roofing options, call Lone-Star Roof Systems for free estimates and consultations!

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